Pathways Newsletter

May 2020 | Term 2

Mrs Nicola Taylor

From the Principal

Welcome to our PLC Pathways newsletter

Term 2 has been very unique for our Pathways students. We are constantly amazed at how our girls and boys have adjusted to the changes of life and coped with the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic. They have shown great resilience facing the challenges before them, and appreciation and kindness towards staff who are working hard to provide consistent and stable learning opportunities for them. We see them growing and building quality characteristics that are valued in the Australian education system and working towards milestones in their own education.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Pathways Newsletter.

Students’ journey

Lessons outside of the classroom

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, school activities have been limited. While face-to-face lessons were not available for most, our Pathways program was fortunate to be able to continue delivering classroom experiences to our students from the beginning of the term. Moreover, we are grateful to be able to provide practical lessons such as Food Technology and PE with the support of our staff. This not only balances their school days, it also provides opportunities for them to learn practical English through various subjects and hands-on activities.

Virtual school life

PLC Pathways is unique as we provide an authentic school experience that only Australian students would have in an independent private school. In this case, our girls were able to participate in a variety of virtual activities run at school while the rest of the school was doing online learning. Even though the physical contact to other students has been reduced, they had the chance to meet more people at once by enjoying:

  • Virtual assemblies

  • Filming for the assembly

  • Virtual Athletics Carnival

  • Virtual sport challenges


Segue Course

PLC Pathways understands the worries and concerns students and families have in the current situation. While we are continuing recruiting students for Term 3 2020 onwards, a Segue Course is being developed to assist students enrolled with us who are not able to enter the country while the border is closed. For more information please contact our enrolment office.

Amy Chiu – Pathways Administrator

Tel: +612 6770 1766 | Mob: 0408797018

WeChat: plcpathways

AEAS Online Fair

PLC Pathways will be attending the upcoming AEAS Online Fair on 20th, 21st June for China and 27th 28th June for Hong Kong. Please find the following link for more information of the online exhibition and we look forward to meeting you on the day.