Pathways Newsletter

June 2020 | Term 2

Mrs Nicola Taylor

From the Principal

Welcome to our PLC Pathways newsletter

Principal’s Message – Term 2 ends with a series of activities both at school and off campus.

With the travel restrictions lifted, we are fortunate to have the capacity and flexibility to provide various experiences to our domestic and international students. The College is grateful for having staff who are willing to contribute so generously and have the initiative to organize activities, as well as for the support of the wider school community.

Some wonderful milestones have been reached this term, including the progress our students have made in their learning, and the great results they have reached in their latest AEAS testing.  Congratulations boys and girls!

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Pathways Newsletter.

Students’ journey

Hot Seat Friday

One unique component in the Pathways program is “Hot Seat Friday” where students learn how to have an engaging conversation with a guest. In the lesson, students learn how to follow up on specific topics, how to joke, how to take risks in conversation, but also learn how to detect topics that need to be discussed with sensitivity, or even avoided.

The girls had great fun chatting with the Police School Liaison Officer, Jaime Porter, and learning the different “appointments” a police officer carries. The last guests of the term were Ms Young and Ms Hayek from PLC Sydney. It was a great “virtual” opportunity for our students to learn the differences and the similarity between PLC Sydney and PLC Armidale.

Academic Performance

Pathways students learned how to design and build a Rube-Goldberg machine in the science class. It was impressive to see how they completed a machine that contains a variety of different mechanisms in its system.

Our Pathways students gained great results in the last AEAS test. Almost all of our students improved 10-15 points within half a year. Henry (Bathurst), Wendy (Armidale) and Lena (Armidale) reached highest scores with 82, 78, 75 respectively.

A dinner was held to congratulate the great progress our students have achieved, to thank the staff and to farewell some of the students who are moving on to the next stage of their journey of their schooling in Australia. Congratulations to Belle, Jessica and Mary who are going to St Scholastica’s College, Carrie to Stella Maris, Sophia to Kambala and Henry to Macarthur Anglican School.

Duke of Edinburgh Hike

Pathways and International students joined PLC Armidale students to participate the Duke of Edinburgh Award hike. The girls walked for 20km in two days. It was great to see them building up resilience and willingness to accept the challenges.  

Trip to the Chef's Farm

Due to the travel restrictions, our International students are unable to return to their home countries in the Winter holidays. We are grateful for the offers PLC families have made to accommodate our students. In the first week, our Chef Jodi took the girls to her farm to watch shearing, scanning of pregnant sheep and see pigs of different sizes and ages. It was so much fun in the farm interacting with the animals.

Segue Course

Segue Course is the online version of our Pathways’ program. The course will cover the major learning areas that students will need to understand to be able to enter into mainstream schooling in Australia.

For more information please contact the Enrolment Team.

Amy Chiu


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