Pathways Newsletter

May 2021 | Term 2

Mrs Nicola Taylor

From the Principal

Welcome to our PLC Pathways newsletter

Principal’s Message – 2021 has been very busy for our Pathways and International students. We are constantly amazed at what our girls and boys achieve in such a short amount of time. They immerse themselves in school life, take advantage of all that’s on offer here in Australia and make solid friendships. We see their English language flourish and we are proud to offer such a wide range of educational opportunities for the students to undertake.

We are also very impressed by the students studying in the Segue online course. They overcome the technical challenges and apply themselves diligently in remote learning, walking towards their goal with our teachers to complete education in Australia.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Pathways Newsletter.

Some wonderful and encouraging milestones have been reached in Term 1,  especially with the noticeable growth of the students and the formation of a sense of family amongst both girls and boys through the school holiday program.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Pathways Newsletter.

Students’ journey

Home Away from Home

The students have been staying in Australia since the beginning of 2020.

We are very proud of them not only for their courage and resilience while managing homesickness and learning to be independent, but also for their adaptation to Australian life and embrace opportunities to engage and bound relationships with local families.

In the April school holidays, the students stayed in the boarding house enjoying quiet time of their own as well as a quick but busy trip to Sydney.

School Life During the Term

With the COVID restrictions being lifted, a lot more activities have been held at the College. Students particularly enjoyed the special Chinese New Year sleepover, Extended recess, Music performances, Athletics Carnival and more.

Segue Online Course

PLC Pathways has been delivering quality learning through live-stream to students remaining overseas. It is very encouraging to see those students grow and becoming prepared with mainstream courses. We are also very impressed by the students’ work ethic, diligence and self-control in remote learning.

Enrolling in PLC Pathways Courses

PLC Pathways offers two courses to help students improve their English proficiency and gain access to schools they desire and reach the future they dream of.


Courses offered by the College are,

  • PLC Armidale mainstream courses (Primary & Secondary, Boarding available from Year 5)
  • PLC Pathways, Armidale and Bathurst campuses
  • PLC Pathways Segue Course (Online)


Please contact Amy Chiu (Mobile: +61 408 797 018 or

Email: for any enquiry.