2021 Term 3 Week 3 Lion’s Roar


This week, Geegie Kasemsook (Year 11) is sharing her experience at PLC Armidale with us. Geegie comes from Thailand and joined the Pathways program in 2017 before she transitioned into Year 8 in Semester 2, 2018. Geegie’s English proficiency was at a basic level when she first started but she participated with great enthusiasm and motivation. Her improvement was evident in both written and spoken English skills. 


At school, Geegie always has a warm smile on her face and greets everyone with happiness. She is also a great friend to her peers, sharing her real self and true thoughts. 


Geegie’s family runs a Thai restaurant in town and she has been a big part of the family business in the past couple of years. This year, due to the heavier learning load in Year 11, Geegie started to become a weekly boarder for a more academically supported environment. Geegie has since then become a great asset to the boarding house especially for the current Year 11 cohort. 


Being one of the first cohort of Pathways students, we are proud of her growth in both academic ability and maturity. We look forward to seeing her continue to grow and achieve her goals and dreams in the coming years.

Hello everyone, welcome to Term 3, week 3.


With the new policy for COVID-19 safety, we now have to wear a mask to school every day. I’m sure this can be a struggle for someone, especially those with glasses. For me, I struggle with drinking my coffee with my mask on. This policy surely is a struggle for staff, teachers, and students but we can all still see the warm smiles under those masks. However, I am grateful to be living in a community that cares for their safety and others. 

The encouragement for their friends to nominate themselves for a leadership position in Year 11 was highly positive last week. The nomination paper was due on Friday in week 2 and the manifesto is due this coming Friday. 


After all the hard work Azaria and Sarah have put in for the publication of the College Kaleidoscope, the student’s magazine, it is now published. It fascinated staff, teachers and students all around the campus with the “Bold Issue”. If you have not checked them out yet, it’s not too late and it’s totally worth it. 


Geegie Kasemsook (Year 11)


Below is a short video Geegie created with assistance from Beem Niamthong (2020 graduate) and Mrs Eastment. This video summarizes Geegie’s experience from the Pathways program to her life at PLC Armidale.

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