2022 Term 3 Week 5 Lion’s Roar


It has been exciting to launch, or re-launch our full on-campus timetable for the Pathways program. A huge thank you to Mrs Sennett for her hard work on making this happen, and for her time and willingness to travel from Bathurst and stay in Armidale for the first four weeks to make sure things are established. 


Welcome to Mrs Arnold and Ms Priebbenow to join the team and PLC Armidale. Mrs Arnold is a highly experienced teacher and lecturer for students with English as their second language.  Ms Priebbenow has been a member of the boarding house since 2019 and has now finished her Master degree and stepped up to take on more responsibility and teaching role in the program. 


We also appreciate Mr Cotterell, Ms Miller, Mrs Kumar and Ms Paterson joining the team offering their experience and expertise to the Pathways students. 


This term, with a long period of visa processing time, we are fortunate to have the students coming into Australia and being able to study on campus. We welcome Shirley and Bella from Beijing, Jacqueline from Italy on campus and Emma from Shanghai online. 


As the program is being rebuilt, we are yet to open a campus for boys. Ethan and Jasper (brothers of Jessica in year 11) are joining the program in Armidale. Mrs Fittler kindly offered to take the boys while we continue to recruit long term homestay families. Please feel free to contact myself (Amy) via achiu@plcarmidale.nsw.edu.au if you are interested or know someone who might be interested in being a homestay host for international students. 


A big shout out to Mr Estreich for setting up the Pathways classroom to accommodate the need to livestream the class to online students. It has been a great advantage to have Mr Estreich’s skills and knowledge to make things possible!


Lastly, thank you to all staff and students for welcoming and including the new students in the PLC Armidale family. It has been an exciting start of their journey in Australia.

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