2023 Term 1 Week 10 Lion’s Roar

In Week 9, Pathways (six students and 3 teachers) ventured forth to our nation’s capital for an adventure in History, Science and Culture. 
On Monday we stopped over in Bathurst to collect Mrs Sennett, do a lap around Mount Panorama, allow our male students to have atour of Scots All Saints College and eat at a Vietnamese restaurant. Although the definite highlight was playing with Mrs Sennett’s dog Millie; even if she did only understand English!
Our whirlwind tour included all the usual suspects: The Royal Australian Mint, The Arboretum, The Portrait Gallery, The National Museum of Australia, The War Memorial, Questacon, Parliament House, Government House and the National Zoo and Aquarium, including making the most of a break in the weather for the obligatory view of Canberra from Mt Ainslie Lookout. We also had the treat of a night tour of the Botanic Gardens.
It was four days jam-packed with information and photo opportunities. 
We learned a lot, walked A LOT, had fun together and made memories. Special thanks to all of Year 10 and participating staff for allowing us to share some of their Camp Week experiences. 
We are sorry that you were unable to join us for lunch on Friday in Belconnen for some authentic Chinese food. It was AWESOME! 
Also, special thanks to Miss Priebbenow and Mr Davidson for doing the majority of driving and being generally terrific throughout the week.Overall, we give our Camp Week Adventure 18 thumbs up! 
Our Favourite Attractions: 
“Questacon – There were a lot of interesting challenges. I liked learning more about science. Itwas really interactive and we could explore different things that we were interested in.”Evelyn, Jasper & Miss P.
“Parliament House – I learned how people work in the government. The clocks had special coloured lights. If a red light flashes, the senators go to vote and if a green light flashes, the members of the House of Representatives have to go to vote.” Bella
“The National Zoo and Aquarium – I saw lots of different and amazing animals. I held a snake! The skin was very special. It is smooth but can change to grip onto trees.”  Ethan & Nancy
“Government House – It was very splendid.”  Harriot
“The Botanic Gardens – The night walk was a beautiful and different experience.”  Mr D.
“The Arboretum – I learned more about some Indigenous cultural practices, and we triedsome bush tucker. “ Mrs S
Our Favourite Memories:
“My favourite memory was feeling and feeding the deer. They ate carrot from my hand. Ihave never touched a deer before.”  Evelyn
“I loved seeing the otters. They were so cute when they ate food in the water. I also developed closer relationships with my classmates and teachers.”  Bella
“I loved touching the snake and learning some history about Australia.”  Harriot
“I loved eating lunch at the Dumpling House. The food was delicious and made me feel like home.”  Nancy (and everyone!)
“I loved playing in the playground at the top of Mount Panorama in Bathurst. ” Ethan
“I loved having a rest at our accommodation on Thursday. We had been walking all day, and my legs were so sore!”  Jasper
“I loved seeing so many exotic animals. It was pretty special to have close-up encounters with some of them.” Miss P.
“I loved showing the class around Bathurst and having them meet my family and my dog! ” Mrs S
“I loved learning in a less-structured environment and seeing how relaxed and positively the students and staff related with one another.”  Mr D.
Would we go back??? ABSOLUTELY!To play with Millie.To have a picnic in the Botanic Gardens.To do more shopping.To visit more museums and galleries.To see more of the War Memorial after renovations are finished.To eat at the Dumpling House!
By Mrs J Sennett (Pathways Coordinator),  together with Miss Priebbenow,

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