Study Programs


Pathways students enjoy all the benefits of being at an independent boarding school while preparing for entry into the mainstream curriculum. Students participate in the regular life of the school by playing sports, participating in music ensembles and orchestras, attending chapel and assemblies, wearing the uniform, sharing meals with Australian boarders and studying within the school campus.

The academic program includes:

The Pathways curriculum is tailored to individual needs, from beginner to advanced language learners. Students who progress more quickly in their language and cultural acquisition may seamlessly transition into the mainstream academic program at PLC Armidale, Scots All Saints College, or to any of our other partner schools.

Sample timetable

Click on the image for a sample of the PLC Pathways timetable.



All quality high schools in Australia expect that students will engage in many activities to build their capabilities, develop their character and serve others. Students enrolled in the Pathways program are expected to make the most of the opportunities they are presented in:

In taking part in the many and varied activities Pathways provides, students experience the best opportunities and challenges that exist in independent High School education. This builds individual resilience, leadership skills and a strong character that will enrich your son or daughter for life.


We offer a boutique residential experience for our boarders. Our modern boarding facilities are impressive and our environment is welcoming, safe and secure. The bedrooms, bathrooms and common living spaces on each level in Todd McBean House, and recently renovated Austin & Hilton Houses, provide a comfortable and relaxed, homely environment.

We offer our Year 5 to Year 10 students a private, individual bedroom and study space within a dormitory of six students. Year 11 students share a bedroom for two, whilst our Year 12 girls enjoy single-room accommodation with two large desks. The Boarding House Captain, who is elected each year, enjoys the benefit of a single room with its own ensuite. All boarders have the use of large, comfortable common rooms equipped with modern kitchens and televisions.

Our boarders have access to a range of sporting and music facilities including synthetic tennis courts, gymnasium, athletics track, music practice rooms, along with beautiful gardens, grounds and safe outdoor spaces to relax in. Wireless internet is available in the Boarding House, which is carefully monitored by our staff. Supervised visits to the Armidale town centre for shopping and trips to the many places of interest around our community and region are also available to our boarders.

To help ensure the health of your daughter in our care, our School Nurse attends to any medical needs. She also transports girls to respective medical appointments.

Our Health Centre is based in Austin House, which is adjacent to the main Boarding House, Todd McBean, and is central to the College.


Study Tours

For Groups

PLC Armidale offers study tours for overseas students with Intensive English Programs and opportunities to immerse themselves in regular classes to enhance their learning experiences. Students will be looked after with accommodation, meals and activities. Please contact the College to enquire.

For Individuals

Some families have a need for a short-term study tour for their child. These are negotiated on a case by case basis, dependent on class availability and term plans within the College. PLC Armidale is able to accommodate students from Year 5 onwards in our boarding houses with caring staff and safety as our first priority. Please contact the College to enquire.

Online program - Segue Course

What is PLC Pathways Segue Course?

The Segue Course is a 6 weeks online program designed for students with advanced English language acquisition. The course offers the students an opportunity to be equipped with academic and literacy skills, cultural awareness and classroom readiness before the start of the Australian academic year.

The course is designed to strengthen students’ English proficiency and cultural awareness progressing in preparation for entry into the mainstream classroom. Students will continue to learn the English language while studying the same material in the same learning style as Australian students. In this way, Segue students will be able to make progress in their study before they arrive in Australia to complete their preparation.

What do we teach?

The Segue Course will cover the major learning areas that students will need to understand to be able to enter into mainstream schooling in Australia. These subjects will include:

  • Advanced Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking Workshops
  • Vocabulary Skills Development, Pronunciation
  • Short and Long Answer Responses, Paragraph and Essay Writing
  • Note taking Skills, Group Project Strategies, Oral Presentation Skills
  • Australian Learning Styles and Senior Curriculum
  • Experience in an Independent School
  • HSC Requirements, Unpacking HSC Languages, Subject Selection
  • Managing Exam/Assessment Expectations and Strategies, HSC All My Own Work
How does It work?

Students enrolled in the Segue course will be provided with rich online learning activities through CANVAS. This is the same platform that students at PLC Armidale, PLC Sydney and many other schools and Universities use.

The students will work through the material provided during the day with two to four hours of lessons two to three times a week with the Pathways teachers via Zoom. This is an  important opportunity for the Segue students to interact with their peers, ask questions of their teacher and develop the rapport with the classmates and teaching staff is a very important part of learning in Australia.

Students will also have the opportunity to have one-on-one sessions with the teachers outside scheduled lesson times to seek individual feedback, review and reflect on their learning progress.

Overview of Segue Course

The Segue course will involve a combination of synchronous (live learning which students learn with teachers at the same time) and asynchronous (students learning independently with own pace and progress).

  • Live lessons through Zoom
  • Communication is live
  • Allows instant feedback
  • Opportunities to interact with peers and staff
  • More engagement
  • Working through CANVAS
  • Access to staff with less urgent questions
  • Time for students to process information
  • Working at students’ own pace
  • Flexible and tailored to students’ ability and learning progress
Program Structure Example

2 to 4 hours of live lessons 2 to 3 times a week

with individual feedback sessions available for students

Week 1


Overview of the course, Australian learning styles, orientation to Australian Senior curriculum with writing workshops, reading workshops

Week 2


Research and notetaking skills, reading and responding skills, group project strategies and speaking for group work with listening and speaking workshop and oral presentation skills

Week 3


Experience in an independent school – cocurricular and school activities, history of education in Australia, Mission statement and values of their school with group project

Week 4


Paragraph writing, short and long answer questions and responses, essay writing, literacy skills, pronunciation, strengthening research and notetaking skills

Week 5


HSC requirements – Preliminary Year and Year 12, subject choices, unpacking HSC languages with continuous writing and reading workshops

Week 6


Managing exam/assessment expectations and strategies, HSC All My Own Work, vocabulary skills development with ongoing listening and speaking workshops
Term 1Follow-up sessions with the student and the home school teacher/staff