Nicola Taylor Principal

From the Principal

I am delighted to introduce you to PLC Pathways, a program established for girls at PLC Armidale and for boys in Bathurst at Scots All Saints College campus.

PLC Pathways is more than just an English Language centre. Students live, learn, socialise and study all at the one place – either at Armidale or Bathurst, both prestigious centres of learning.

To gain the most from studying in Australia, international students need a strong foundation in English language, both spoken and academic. Our program is unique. It provides high-quality, experienced teaching and cultural familiarisation in a safe and caring residential school environment. Once a certain level of English has been reached, students progress to further secondary or tertiary study in Australia.

Our graduates, their growth and success, both academically and personally, are testimony to the calibre of the Pathways program, recognised by the many schools we partner with.

We are pleased to be welcoming your child to our academic communities.

The PLC Pathways program is designed to ensure that every part of a student’s schooling is accessible, enjoyable and enriching.

The PLC Pathways program has been designed by educators with many years’ experience at the highest levels of English. Our curriculum supports the development of the English language and critical thinking necessary for success.

Students who join our program are part of a prestigious independent school. They learn the cultural and social characteristics of Australian society, enabling them to enjoy strong friendships and connections with the community. The students are looked after within a caring boarding community committed to serving their best interests.

PLC Pathways is unique in offering students a fully residential intensive English program within a highly respected independent school. By enrolling your son or daughter into the PLC Pathways program, you are ensuring that they have access to the best quality educational experience possible.

Mrs Nicola Taylor – Principal of PLC Armidale