PLC Pathways is a residential English Language Intensive Course of Study (ELICOS) program for international students for up to 12 months of study. It provides exceptionally high quality teaching and cultural training.

It is a boutique, English language and cultural familiarisation program owned and operated by PLC Armidale, within two school campuses in two different locations: PLC Armidale for girls and Scots All Saints College, Bathurst, for boys. It is for Middle School aged international students, and provides pathways to further Australian education.

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During my time in PLC Pathways and PLC Armidale, I learnt a lot about critical thinking. In China, teachers tended to enforce information and knowledge, and that was how we got good grades. It doesn’t work like that in Australia. In Australia, you need to think and have an opinion. Teachers respect your thoughts. Through my educational experiences in Armidale, I have been able to adapt to Australian culture and life.”
Christine Liu
2020 PLC Sydney Year 12
The invigorating classes combined with drama lessons, films, novels and “hot seat” not only laid the foundation for the EALD course, but also boosted my confidence in oral English. I was also encouraged to take part in a variety of activities, in special park runs, choir and canoeing, which enriched my extracurricular life and helped me to better fit in Australian culture.”
Kate Yin
Achieved an ATAR of 98.75 in the 2019 HSC

I learnt a lot from PLC Pathways, not only study, but also how to make friends and to adapt yourself into life in Australia. I am now studying at Toowoomba Grammar School and I found myself being able to make lots of friends and to understand almost all of the classes. I had very good teachers at PLC Pathways and the learning experiences I have had helped me a lot in my future study.”
Will Wang
2020 Toowoomba Grammar School Year 11