About Us

What is PLC Pathways?

PLC Pathways is a residential English Language Intensive Course of Study (ELICOS) program for international students for up to 12 months of study. It provides exceptionally high quality teaching and cultural training.

It is a boutique, English language and cultural familiarisation program owned and operated by PLC Armidale, within two school campuses in two different locations: PLC Armidale (for girls) and Scots All Saints College, Bathurst (for boys). It is for Middle School aged international students and provides pathways to further Australian education.

Why choose PLC Pathways?


Boarding at Armidale and Bathurst

You can be confident your child is in an environment where they are safe and well looked after. We have highly qualified boarding staff to ensure our local and international students are cared for in a secure, warm and caring homestay setting.


Technology at Armidale and Bathurst

Technology is impossible to avoid. However, we set strict rules around technology use and limit the amount of time students can spend on devices. Students are clear on college and boarding house expectations when it comes to technology use.


University access

Both Armidale and Bathurst are home to internationally ranked and recognised universities. The University of New England in Armidale and Charles Sturt University in Bathurst are both highly sought after and competitive academic institutions.


Transport at Armidale and Bathurst

Transport systems are sophisticated in both cities and getting around is easy on buses and trains. Both cities are serviced by regional airports which are connected to all major cities across Australia.


Supervised homework sessions

Both campuses have highly qualified teaching staff who will assist and supervise your child to ensure they are completing homework and set class tasks and working to meet deadlines.


Meals at Armidale and Bathurst

Our fully qualified catering staff will ensure your child has access to nutritious meals including Australian and international cuisines.

PLC Pathways Results

PLC Pathways has assisted our Pathways graduates to acheive the following ATAR results:

PLC Pathways has assisted our Pathways graduates with applications and to transfer successfully to: