Pathways Newsletter

August 2020 | Term 3

Mrs Nicola Taylor

From the Principal

Welcome to our PLC Pathways newsletter

Principal’s Message – Term 3 has been unique for our Pathways students.

As the students gradually settle into the Australian education system, our Pathways students, both boys and girls, are able to join some elective subjects with the mainstream classes. We are amazed at what our girls and boys achieve in such a short amount of time. They immerse themselves in school life, take advantage of all that’s on offer here in Australia and make solid friendships. We see their English language flourish and we are proud to offer such a wide range of educational opportunities for the students to undertake.

We hope you enjoy this edition of our Pathways Newsletter.

Students’ journey

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic Training

A new adventure is starting for the Pathways students!

With the uncertain situation due to changing restrictions, the Pathways’ girls embraced the opportunities to participate in activities while they can. All of the girls have joined choir and signed up for training for the Hawkesbury Canoe Classic training. For most of them, it was a first time kayaking while having to work together as a team. Staff and their peers were proud of them being able to paddle and steer for a couple of hours on a cold and windy Sunday morning.

Well done, girls!

Segue Online Course

While the borders closed, we are able to welcome our new students through the newly launched Segue Online Course. The classroom has been set up to create a classroom-like experience for the students on the other end of the screen. Interactive games, competitions and group works have taken places to provide an engaging learning environment for both onshore and offshore students. With more than 80% of the lessons are live-streamed, the Segue students are able to learn within an Australian classroom setting and learning style.

For more information or enquiry, please CLICK HERE to contact the enrolment team.

An Enjoyable School Life

PLC Pathways works hard to provide a smooth and enjoyable school life for the International students. From inviting different guests to Hot Seat Friday to talk about a wide variety of topics, or organising practical lessons in Food Technology and Science classes, to creating a relaxing, supporting and happy boarding environment, our aim is to maximise the students’ schooling opportunity and to provide a life-long experience that will enrich their lives from all aspects.

Contact Us

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