2021 Term 4 Week 3 Lion’s Roar

This week, Jessica Lin from Year 10 is sharing her experience with us. Jessica came to Australia in 2019 for the Pathways program, transferred to a Sydney school in 2020 and decided to come back to PLC Armidale for the remainder of her schooling. Being the eldest sister of 5 children, Jessica has been taking responsibility by looking after her sisters in the boarding house as well. Although English is still a challenge for Jessica, she has been working on improving and seeking help. We look forward to seeing her continue to grow as she starts Year 11 next term.


Remote learning in Term 3 was not easy but also interesting to me. It was my first time doing online learning and I found that different but still working. During the holidays, we stayed in the boarding house. We cooked by ourselves most days and enjoyed the process of cooking. We also went out for meals,  such as Japanese food and Pub food, they were delicious.


The holiday ended quicker than I thought and we are back to school schedule. We finally get to see the teachers and classmates we haven’t seen for a long time, and that feels good. We also don’t have to worry about losing wifi during class or to stare at the computer all the time. Even though I love technology, it can be uncomfortable to be on the screen all the time.


This term, we started our yearly exam, which was delayed because of the lockdown last term. Everyone began to be quite nervous. We reviewed the content we have learned together for the preparation. It was a good experience to be able to work with each other in person. I am grateful for the help from my teachers and friends. During PE class, we continued our dance rehearsals. Each group has to perform their own choreography. It was the first time I saw the dances of other groups, and I am very impressed with everyone’s performance.


Jessica Lin (Year 10)

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