2021 Term 4 Week 7 Lion’s Roar

This week, Elaine Shi in Year 10 is sharing her experiences at the College. Elaine came to PLC Pathways in 2019 and transitioned to Year 9 in 2020. Elaine’s growth in her English acquisition as well as in personality, has been evident to staff at school and in the boarding house. Throughout the years studying at PLC Armidale, Elaine has discovered strong interests in Arts and Design, which are the subjects that may not be an option in China. Elaine is fortunate to be supported by her parents and have a variety of subject choices available in Year 11. We look forward to seeing her explore and expand her passion in the HSC program.

Please enjoy.


In week 2, there was a really strong tornado in Armidale. I have lived in Armidale for nearly 3 years and I have never seen a tornado in Armidale. On Thursday night when I was going to bed, I could hear the wind and the blinds were bumping against the window. I could see the lighting from the gap between the blinds and after a while the thunder started. It was really loud. That continued for a while and all the power shut down suddenly. Our room went so dark. The second day when we went to school, we didn’t have power and we had all the classes in the dark. Some people said that they saw the lighting hit the power station and they also saw what the tornado looked like, that was a really cool experience.


I also got my license during the holiday! Last week, I started my first lessons. Driving is really cool. The teacher took me to a road that is not that busy, and he taught me how to start the car and let me drive. He told me not to drive faster than 20km/hr but I think it was so slow so I pushed the accelerator to 40km/hr and there was a sign saying stop. Because it was the first time I drove, my feet were a bit busy with the brake and the accelerator. It was nearly going to hit the stop sign but the car still wasn’t stopping. My teacher needed to help me stop the car, and from that time, I knew that I can’t drive that fast or there will be an accident.


Elaine Shi (Year 10)

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