2022 Term 4 Week 1 Lion’s Roar

We welcome Carolyn, Harriot and Nancy joining the Pathways program this term. It is exciting to have new students and we are looking forward to helping them embark on their new journey in Australia. Please make all of them welcome. Along with Chloe, Bella, Shirley, Ethan and Jasper, we are pleased to be able to help the Pathways students expand their English acquisition and confidence through the program. 


With all of the students learning onsite, the Pathways teachers, Mrs Sennett, Mrs Arnold and Ms Priebbenow, have set up an interactive and motivating program and environment for the students. We also appreciate Ms Miller, Mrs Kumar, Mrs Perez-Garcia, Mr Cotterell for their support and willingness to broaden the program with their expertise. Mrs Burney also kindly takes on Chloe, Bella, Shirley and Carolyn in her Mathematics class providing the students an opportunity to experience the speed and workload in a mainstream classroom as well as the interaction with other students.


The Year 12 students, Sophie, Geegie, Sunny and Karen, are sitting their first HSC exam as I type. We wish them all the best on the last step of their HSC course. 


The Year 11 students, Jessica, Elaine and Rosie, are commencing their Year 12 course this term and heading into the last year of their secondary school learning. We are proud to see them coming this far, knowing how they first started their time at PLC Pathways.


The Year 9 and 10 students, Belle and Mary, are continuing the year before Belle moves on into Stage 6  and Mary starts Year 10, which is technically the year when you start senior high school in China.

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