PLC Pathways Segue Course

We are delighted to share the news of our PLC Pathways Segue Course!
What is PLC Pathways Segue Course?

The Pathways’ Segue Course is the online version of our Pathways’ program. Due to the closure of the Australian borders to students due to Coronavirus concerns, the regular Pathways preparation program will be available to overseas students in an online form until the borders open again.

The course is designed to keep students’ English proficiency and cultural awareness progressing in preparation for entry into the mainstream classroom. Students will continue to learn the English language while studying the same material in the same learning style as Australian students. In this way, Pathways Segue students will be able to make progress in their study before they arrive in Australia to complete their preparation.


For more information, please check on our Online Programs page under the Study Programs, or to contact the Enrolment team through

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We look forward to share more details of the course with you!


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