2021 Term 2 Week 7 Lion’s Roar


This week, Jessica Lin from Year 10 is sharing her experience at PLC Armidale. 

Jessica came from Papua New Guinea with her sister, Belle, to join the Pathways program in 2019. It has always been Jessica’s goal to study and live in Sydney. Her initial English language ability was very basic but her improvement throughout the year was noticeable. She was then accepted and transferred to a Sydney school in mid-year 2020. 

After 6 months of study in Sydney, Jessica found that the support PLC Armidale offers far exceeded what other schools could give. The girls realised that to be able to succeed in their HSC, they need not only quality teaching, but also the extra support around them. 

To quote Jessica’s reflection when she was applying to return to PLC Armidale, “I know going back is giving up my Sydney life, but I also realise that by going back, I have more chance of succeeding. I can enjoy Sydney later when I go to University.”


Please enjoy.


Jessica Lin (Year 10)

This is my second term back to PLC, and I have experienced many different things.

At PLC Armidale teachers always help me when I have problems with my studies.They help me with the questions very carefully. Whenever I have doubts, they are very willing to support me. In the evening prep, I can also complete my homework very well because boarding staff also provide great help during the prep time.

I also started to learn French at PLC Armidale. I chose other elective courses initially, but in the end I picked French. I discovered by accident that this is actually a very interesting class, much more interesting than when I first started learning English. Maybe it is because the teacher is interesting that I like this subject better, and the atmosphere in the class is very active.

When I started Year 10, I found that what I learned at Pathways was very useful. This knowledge helped me a lot. However, when I was studying, I didn’t listen to the lectures seriously. I thought it was not important or relevant. In fact, they are all important and linked to what we should know in mainstream classes.

I also discovered that learning depends on my own effort to get better. Other factors are not that important. The most important factor lies in myself. After experiencing different things, I became different from the one who just came to PLC Armidale two years ago. Just like in a hero’s journey, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started a new adventure.

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