2022 Term 1 Week 1 Lion’s Roar

Welcome back to school!


At the time of writing, the boarders are returning and the International girls have arrived back from their holiday break. This day marked the start of the third year since they left home and came to Australia for school. The girls had an option to go home during Christmas holidays, however, they decided to remain in the country to minimise any risks that might affect their return. This shows that the girls are capable of thinking through the pros and cons of the options they have. It also means to me that they are able to think critically and to respond to situations like this rationally. I am particularly proud that they are able to look after themselves for over two months. It has been one of the rare holidays that I had without needing to worry about the girls.


The boarders’ return day is also the most important day for the girls – Chinese New Year’s Eve. Due to the timing and current circumstances, we were unable to organise special activities for them. However, with the great support from Ms Leahy and Ms Latham, the girls were allowed to stay up late to celebrate the day with their families over the phone. While this is not perfect, it gives them a sense of belonging and being thought of in the boarding community.


This year, most of the girls are starting or continuing the HSC courses, either into Year 11 or Year 12. Knowing that the girls are facing an increasing workload and pressure, Mr Davidson has kindly offered to meet with the girls regularly throughout the year as part of the Pastoral care and ESL support program. 


With the border reopening, the Pathways program is getting ready to welcome new students to start a new chapter in their lives.


Sophie Luo, the International Prefect is also keen to interact with new students and help them through the differences between education systems. We look forward to seeing the girls continue their journey in Australia and marching with confidence in their Senior year.

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