2021 Term 1 Week 3 Lion’s Roar

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Welcome to week 3, term 1, 2021!!!


I am Sophie in Year 11. It is such a pleasure to be able to share what we have experienced over the two weeks.


Firstly, I want to congratulate every international girl. We have a good start of the school year already! The busy 2020 made everyone a little tired, with the homesickness getting stronger as no one could go home. However, the great thing is that everyone has shown infinite vitality and a studious attitude in the first two weeks of school, especially the Lin sisters, Jessica, Belle and Mary, who have adapted well to the school routines and have already made many friends after transferring back from Sydney. Welcome home!!


Last weekend, we all went on a Coffs Harbour trip with the boarding house. We enjoyed the beach, swimming, year group activities, saturday night activities, Cold Rock ice cream and the very important shopping time. 

Elaine, Rosie, Jessica, Belle and Karen went to Tree Top High ropes with Years 9 and 10. Even if the height was scary, everyone gave it a go. They all found it a great fun after trying, and even went for a harder level. They were saying that they would go for another one if it wasn’t insufficient time. At the same time, Sunny and I joined the Year 11 and 12 paintball group. Although the weather was very hot, it couldn’t stop our excitement. After the game was over, we both had a lot of bruises. 


Thank you to every boarding house staff and Year 12 for the Coffs Harbour trip. Thank you so much for all the activities you organized, for every meal you prepared, and for looking after us the whole time. We all had so much fun!


This semester has just begun. I hope everyone will gain a lot this semester and find your “best self”!!!


Sophie Luo


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