2021 Term 1 Week 5 Lion’s Roar

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Welcome to term 1 week 5. This week, we have Sunny Dong (Year 11) sharing her experience in the past couple of weeks. Sunny came to PLC in 2017 and spent a period of time in the Pathways program before joining mainstream courses. It has been encouraging to see Sunny travelling smoothly into the last two years of her high school journey. Please enjoy. 


One of the highlights of the past two weeks is the celebration of the Chinese New Year!


11th February 2021, or 30th December lunar calendar, is the New Year’s Eve and we usually have reunion dinner with family and friends and watch TV shows called New Year’s Gala. This year, we also watched the show with all the International girls. We borrowed Mr Spencer’s house and loved it immediately. Amy prepared a special dinner with hot pot and Chinese dishes for us. We also contributed fruits and drinks to share. It was such a great feeling sitting together at Mr. Spencer’s huge dining table enjoying the Asian flavour. We all stayed up late for New year’s Gala and got red packets from our parents. Despite not being able to go home, the event is especially meaningful because we were able to enjoy the traditional event in Armidale.


We had Valentine’s Day dinner on Monday 15th of February outside the dining hall. Year 10 girls did a great job organising the dinner. They put pink tablecloths on each table with flowers. The dress code was pink, pure or white dresses. We used color pens to play a decorate game and the winner got a prize for that. The kitchen even made a special pink dessert to celebrate Valentine’s Day with us.


We have swimming lessons every friday. It’s a good chance for us to learn swimming and different kinds of survival skills. Everyone is trying hard to learn these skills and it was fun. 


Sunny Dong


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