2021 Term 2 Week 3 Lion’s Roar


This week, Elaine Shi in Year 10 is sharing her experience at the College. Elaine came to Armidale in 2019 as a Pathways student. At first she was so shy, reserved and lacked confidence. Throughout the years studying at the College, Elaine not only grew in her English acquisition, but also transformed into a girl who is outgoing, even a bit cheeky, willing to ask questions and try new things. This has been so noticeable by anyone who has met Elaine at first and it has certainly made us proud.

Please enjoy.


We just started our term 2 last week. We are so happy to see our friends and teachers, and we missed school a lot. Pathway girls go swimming every Friday afternoon. This week, the teacher taught us how to swim butterfly. It is really hard for some of us because it’s new for us.

In week 2, we had the school Athletics Carnival, which we didn’t have one last year because of COVID. When we heard that we were having an athletics carnival, everyone was really happy about this news. It was on Thursday and Friday. There were many sports to participate, such as running, shooting put and high jump. Because of the Athletics Carnival, we have a program during PDHPE class. 
The Athletics Carnival was very shocking, accompanied by the sound of gunfire, the students rushed out like wild horses, everyone ran very hard, all wanting to add points for their own guild. We went to do the long jump in order to guild points, the teacher also taught us very well. We first stood from the sand pit back a little, then began to run and then in a jump on the end line. Sophie also ran 100m, we all cheered for her. Although she didn’t come in  first, she was still really good trying to join the carnival. 

There was a really important thing after the athletics carnival, a PLC’s tradition, and that is marching. Marching is where each guild standing together in three lines and walking around the oval. We practised this for three or four times. After the athletics carnival, we got ready to march. We stood in a line and followed the person in front of us. We were wearing a straw hat, tucking the shirt into our shorts, which is a PLC tradition, too. It’s really surprising that Lovell, our guild, won for the best guild in marching and we are all really proud of it.

Athletics carnival is really interesting, and I hope next year will be more brilliant.

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