Term 3 Week 5 Lion’s Roar


This week, Sunny Dong in Year 11 is sharing her experiences. Sunny joined us in 20217 and has since then worked through to her senior years. The biggest growth we have been seeing in Sunny is her ability to express herself and her thoughts. Being a relatively shy student, it is especially a big step for her. We look forward to seeing Sunny work towards Year 12 before she steps into the Arts and Design world she loves later in higher education.


Please enjoy.


Hello, everyone. Welcome to term 3 weeks 5, 


At the start of week 3, we saw Eleanor’s fantastic HSC dance performance in the chapel. 


On the weekend, the boarding house lost electricity . Some parts of the school lost lights first. Then it spread to the whole boarding house, no light, no Wifi and no charging. It’s a challenge for year 11 students who have online classes on Saturday morning. Boarding house staff finally fixed all the problems in the evening.  We are grateful for the situation to be controlled within such a short time frame.


With the new covid restrictions, Armidale has gone into lockdown from week 4. It’s an unprepared situation for school and boarding to change to remote learning. We cancelled the Friday swimming lessons and the Saturday driving lessons. Some people are finding it hard to learn in remote learning and it is hard for teachers to teach, too. It is great that we can wake up later in the morning and organize our schedule. 


Just when we anticipated the school to go back to normal for week 5, the new covid rules came. We are to stay in lockdown for another week, which is not easy news to take for students who have network problems, despite that most of us would have adapted to online school by now.


Remote learning is less stressful, however, we miss normal schooling and cannot wait to be back to school soon.


Sunny Dong (Year 11)

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